Presented by Kingston School of Art
Thu 25 April and Fri 26 April
25 April
26 April

Kingston School of Art's (KSA) Department of Dance is excited to present this showcase of performance collaboration in Rising. This year's showcase marks a significant rite of passage for our final year dance students, who have engaged in a comprehensive journey of learning and artistic exploration alongside the choreographers Matthew Harding and Beatrice Jarvis.

Embodying the ethos of KSA's commitment to experiential education, Rising epitomizes the culmination of our students' scholarly and creative endeavours. It is an exploration of ascent in its varied manifestations, artistically interpolating themes of social justice, ecological sustainability, and political activism. The pieces by Harding and Jarvis serve not merely as performances but as pedagogical narratives that propel both participants and observers towards a profound re-engagement with the forces that shape our collective existence.
This showcase is a testament to a twelve-week intensive of collaborative creation, wherein our students have been the co-authors of the artistic process. They have employed professional production methodologies under the tutelage of our choreographers, embodying the true spirit of learning through praxis. The process has been as instructive as it has been transformative, allowing students to navigate the complexities of contemporary performance production, from conceptualization to the nuances of technical execution.
Through Rising, KSA's Department of Dance demonstrates its dedication to not only honing the performative acumen of its students but also instilling in them the critical and collaborative skills requisite for the next generation of artistic innovators. We cordially invite you to witness the embodiment of this pedagogical voyage—where education transcends the classroom, and the stage becomes a platform for impactful change.
Join us in celebrating the ascendancy of these emerging artists and the pioneering spirit that defines the KSA dance program.

Event details

Running time: 1h 10mins, incl. interval
Age guidance: 12+

Lighting and smoke will be used

Please note this event is taking place at Townhouse Studio Theatre: Kingston University, Penrhyn Rd,, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2EE