The Railway Children

By E. Nesbit, adapted by Ciara Morris
Fri 7 June - Sat 8 June
7 June
8 June

By E. Nesbit
Adapted by Ciara Morris
Directed by Pippa Dykes, Alex Pritchett, and Elly Roberts
Performed by Rose Youth Theatre members

Rose Young Company Juniors Spring/Summer Performance

After the sudden departure of their father, Bobby, Peter, and Phyllis are uprooted to a cottage in Yorkshire with their mother. There they fall in love with the railway and become involved in the lives of people connected to it. This exciting, heartfelt story by E. Nesbit is given a fresh adaptation for the stage which remains faithful in essence to the original.

Juniors A and B - 7th June, 7.30pm
Juniors C and D - 8th June, 1pm
Juniors E and F - 8th June, 7.30pm

Event details

Running time: Approx. 90mins, incl. interval
Age guidance: 5+

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