Kloé Dean

Movement Director

Renowned as a visionary storyteller, Kloé Dean masterfully breathes life into narratives on a global stage, leaving an indelible mark with her unparalleled impact.

As a multifaceted Choreographer, Movement Director, and Performing Artist deeply rooted in Hip Hop, Funk, and Street Dance Styles, Kloé boasts an extensive repertoire honed over two decades. Her expertise extends beyond the confines of traditional genres, allowing her to create, perform, and facilitate seamlessly across Theatre, TV, Film, Music, Fashion, Corporate, Community and Education.

In an illustrious career, Kloé has left an unforgettable mark on theatre with productions like Tambo and Bones, Gone Too Far, and Tapped. She has also seamlessly collaborated with acclaimed music artists such as SAULT, Little Simz, Anne-Marie, Little Mix, Cleo Sol, Ghetts, and Kojey Radical, while leaving her artistic imprint on prestigious brands like Jimmy Choo, Nike, George at ASDA, and Marks & Spencer’s.

Her artistic prowess shines brightly, elevating every project she undertakes to new heights of creativity and impact.