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  • Circle & Upper Circle
  • Mon 3 Feb - Fri 3 Apr

Simone Kay is a stained glass artist who opened her studio in Hawks Road, Kingston in 1997 and her shop is still open to the public. Her stained glass panels can be seen all over the borough and far beyond.

Simone attended an art foundation course at Kingston Polytechnic, now Kingston University, then went to Reigate School of Art to learn traditional stained glass techniques, mosaics and mural designs. She continued her art education at Chelsea School of Art studying contemporary architectural stained glass. She has been a tutor in stained glass at Kingston Adult Education for 33 years.

In 2010 she had an exhibition at Kingston Market House and it was there that her passion for drawing became evident. Part of the exhibition was dedicated to her inspiration and working drawings and amongst these was a selection of postcards - sketch paintings from wherever she happened to be at the time.

In 2016 Simone gave herself the task of painting a postcard size sketch everyday, partly for practice and discipline but mostly for the sheer joy. The results were never intended for public display and were therefore very free, loose and informal in rendition. Once a year's worth of sketches had been collected, Simone was persuaded to exhibit them.

Her first #drawingoneaday exhibition was held at the CornerHouse in Tolworth and was very well received to the point where she was encouraged to continue her endeavours and book a second exhibition for the following year. And then a third.

For 2020 Simone has decided to exhibit at the Rose Theatre and instead of printing selections from 2019 she is displaying all 365 sketches in miniature and accompanying these are her personal favourites from the previous years. The exhibition will run through February and March in the gallery and upper gallery. 

Original signed giclee prints will be available to order. 

The name "#drawingoneaday" came about as pictures of the drawings in situ are posted online every day.

When asked whether she will be continuing with her daily drawing she said "yes, of course! Not only do I enjoy it but it has been lovely to hear stories of how other people have been inspired to persue a similar path, be it literature, art or music. I hope to inspire many others to come."


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Exhibition can be seen on Circle & Upper Circle levels