Albert & Friends - Circus Skills Workshop

  • Arthur Cotterell Theatre Main House
  • Sun 15 Jul, 12.30pm
  • Presented by Albert & Friends Instant Circus

The last thing you want your child to do is run away with the circus right? Well think again!

Albert and Friends workshops in circus skills, gives you the chance to do just that, only without the running away part! Kids have the opportunity to try a whole host of circus tricks, learning skills like tightrope walking, uni-cycling and acrobalance; juggling pretty much anything that comes to hand from balls to beanbags, batons and cigar boxes. Instant fun! Instant learning! Success in all these skills requires perseverance. It doesn’t happen in an instant, what does happen in an instant however is the will to keep trying. There is something about the focus and commitment required to juggle three balls, or stay upright on the unicycle that makes kids want to keep trying, until they get it right, and when they do…well the sense of achievement is extraordinary! As one of our participants said of her time with the circus ‘Albert and Friends taught me that I can, rather than I can’t’.

Albert  &  Friends  Instant  Circus  (A&FIC)  is  a  participatory  arts  organisation  that  provides  inspirational  involvement  in  circus  skills  and  performance  to  unlock  the  potential  of  children  and  young  people  of  all  backgrounds  and  abilities.

Event details

Suitable for ages 7 - 14. Duration 60 minutes.