A Century of Dance

  • Arthur Cotterell Theatre Studio
  • Sat 14 Jul, Sun 15 Jul
  • Presented by Amplify Dance Theatre

For all of you who think you can’t dance, A Century of Dance proves that you can. Explore how dance has always been used as a way to let go, have fun and be happy. Through a series of sketches, voiceovers, music, movement and projection the dancers will take you through each era - from the Charleston during the Great Depression, to after work clubbing in the 90s - exploring how you, and your ancestors, have moved for 100 years.

Amplify Dance Theatre was founded by two sisters in 2016. They are not only trained dancers but writers, producers and actors. The company arose from their experiences in the dance industry and teaching dance classes - they believe everyone can and should dance, regardless of age, shape, size, gender or background. They are celebrating the joy of movement and believe it can tell all sorts of stories.

Event details

Duration 45 minutes.