Rose Theatre Audience Manifesto

At the Rose, our community sits at the heart of all that we do. So after an open consultation with hundreds of our audience members, we have created a manifesto to express the key values that we all share.

This will be a guide to all that we do at the Rose. 



… its a world-class theatre on my doorstep

… it feels like a home away from home

… its part of what makes Kingston an independent town with its own community centre

… it presents high-quality live theatre at affordable prices in a welcoming venue

… the youth theatre is superb, inclusive and brilliantly inspiring

… it allows me to experience drama in a fun environment and helps me make new friends

… engages with our community and the cafe is a great social hub

… it is a great theatre that puts on amazing productions

… its my local theatre - not all shows are to my taste, but that's how it should be!



… continue to be a beacon that brings the arts to all

… continue to develop community links with schools, the university and all ages in our community

… highlight local talent

… continue to innovate, presenting challenging, engaging and entertaining theatre                      

… be open and full of life again!



… sparks inspiration and community, and creates a safe space where anyone can come and be welcomed

… is affordable

… is fun, inclusive and exciting for all ages

… captures the senses and leaves a lasting memory

… takes me out of my comfort zone

… challenges and invites the audience to consider a different approach to issues and life.

… is culturally diverse

… that champions new writers of all ages

… is accessible to all and draws in people who might never have considered themselves theatre-goers

… is engaging, experimental, exciting and expressive

… makes me laugh, cry, think, jump and want to dance!



… it is a living thing that can be experienced in common with other people

… it holds up a mirror to the world and helps us to understand our place in it

… it is a way of reflecting our community, our history, and our hopes

... it opens up a whole cultural world to our children, in all its many forms, and is an essential part of our children’s education

… it broadens horizons, develops creativity and empathy and provides a way to create unity

… live entertainment is vital in an age when so much pre-recorded

… every performance is unique

… because it promotes discourse and through theatre we can enact social change.

… life is very, very dull without it!