Modern Slavery Statement

Beliefs and Values
Kingston Theatre Trust has a zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and human
trafficking. We are committed to acting ethically in all our business practices, acting
with due diligence to implement and enforce effective systems and control within our
business to ensure modern slavery and human trafficking does not take place
anywhere within our business or supply chains. We are committed to ensuring there
is complete transparency in our business and in our approach to tackling modern
slavery, consistent with the disclosure obligations under the Modern Slavery Act
2015. We expect the same high ethical standards to be upheld by all our business
partners and demand that their supply chains aim to respect the pledge to eradicate
modern slavery.

This policy applies to all persons working for us, on our behalf in any capacity,
including employees at all levels, directors, trustees, business partners, subcontractors and suppliers.

Business Structure and Supply Chains
Kingston Theatre Trust, trading as Rose Theatre Kingston, operates the largest
producing theatre in South West London. (Registered charity number:1000182/Also
registered as a company in England and Wales under registration number:2497984).

Our business partners are based both in the UK and internationally and we are
aware that some may source materials and/or workers from the EU and around the

We recognise these areas as our main areas of risk. In accordance with our zero
tolerance policy we will clearly communicate our expectations to business partners
by issuing a compliance form requiring that our statement is read, confirmation of
due diligence and the commitment to adhere to our ethical values and the promise to
uphold the policies of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. This will be signed and dated by
a member of management.

Employee Awareness, Training and Compliance
As a business we take full responsibility for ensuring all employees on every level
are made aware of our demand for ethical practices in relation to the Modern Slavery
Act 2015. Staff training on this policy forms part of our company induction process
and is detailed in our employee code of conduct. All employees are required to read
and sign our code of conduct which highlights our commitment to uphold the highest
standards of workplace ethics, behaviour and human rights. All managers are
responsible for ensuring all those that report to them understand and comply with
this policy and are given adequate and regular training where necessary. We
encourage employees to raise concerns about any issue or suspicion of modern
slavery in any part of our business or supply chains and to report it to management.
We encourage openness from our staff and comments or concerns will be taken in
good faith without the fear of detrimental treatment as a result as per our
Whistleblowing Policy.

Kingston Theatre Trust will carry out periodic audits of our business practices. We
will converse with new and existing business partners to identify risk areas which
may arise and discuss where improvements can be made if failures are identified.
Refusal to comply will result in the termination of business relationships and any
employee who breaches our policy will face disciplinary action, which could result in
dismissal for gross misconduct.

Both our Theatre Manager and Head of Production are responsible for making sure
all policies and procedures are reviewed annually.

This statement was approved by the Board of Trustees on 12th May 2021.