Let's Make a Story

  • Rose Café
  • Sun 8 Jul, 4pm

Heroes, villains, magic folk and other characters come join the fun. (All humans are also accepted). The Queen of Storytime needs some help to create a story suitable for her daughter’s birthday party. She is calling all creatures who are willing, from small babies to old dinosaurs, genies to dragons, evil wizards to talking cats, to come and help her create a story.

The show is a fun and interactive hour-long show of interactive storytelling, imagination and creativity that people may walk in or out of. You may bring your own costume or children’s costumes will be provided from the magic cardboard box. Fun, friendship and laughter may be on the agenda.

Bethany Birley is 38, and very young at heart. She trained in BA Creative and Performing Arts at Liverpool Hope in 2003 and went on to be part of BBC Disabled Talent in 2005. Her performance work has been with amateur companies – she also was Santa’s Elf at St John’s Christmas Bazaar in Kingston last year. She goes to Comic Con often as Princess Anna. She has a children’s book on Amazon called Cuddle College.

Event details

Suitable for ages 3+. This is a free event. Duration 60 minutes.