Rose Participate Film Course Archive

Welcome to the archive for the Rose Participate film course!

Below are some of the short films that exemplify the incredible amount of talent we've seen from our film courses over the past few years, and are stellar examples of the work produced.

Please note that some of these films have content warnings, so please read these before watching.

Lost (2019)


Directed by Samuel Clemens

Unhappy and deciding to take his own life, Wes surreptitiously slips a goodbye note into his best friend, James's bag. Finding it before reaching home, James must face a race against time to save his best friend.


Wes - Conor Mather

James - Damien Fowler

Amelie - Anya Parsons

Steph - Aoife Pattie

Sarah - Kara Quast

Rob - Edward Holmes

Milly - Rhea Norwood

Operator - Sadie Connolly


Found (2019)


Directed by Samuel Clemens

Having turned his life around with the help of good friend Amelie, Wes finds himself confronted by young teenager Mia, standing on the edge of a bridge. Wes and Amelie must use their shared experience to help Mia step down back to safety.


Mia - Millie Brownhill

Wes - Conor Mather

Amelie - Anya Parsons


Anon (2018)

CONTENT WARNING: Contains homophobic language, suggestions of suicide and abuse, and themes of self-harm and mental health.

Written and directed by Andrew Davidson

Feeling unable to speak to anyone in person, Becca turns to an anonymous chat room looking for help and encounters the best and worst of the internet.


Starring: Becca - Lara Shakshir

Anon 1 - Chloe Hunkin

Anon 2 - Tess Armstrong

Anon 3 - Edward Holmes

Anon 4 - Kara Quast

Troll - Toby Abbott


Wait Here (2017)

Written and directed by Andrew Davidson

Waiting in a car as their mum runs an errand, siblings play a game to pass the time.


Tony - Toby Abbot

Sarah - Rosa Armstrong

Louise - Anna Eddolls


Tomorrow (2017)

Improvised by the cast and crew

Devised and directed by Samuel Clemens

Rose is having a tough time at rehearsals of school production 'Hamlet'. The boy she fancies doesn't feel the same way. Feeling sorry for herself she is visited by Ruby, a stranger to her, who reveals a monumental secret that has been hidden from both of them. Entirely improvised by the cast, based on a real story.


Rose - Anna Eddolls

Ruby - Freya Wilson

Harry - Billy Brown

Stage Manager - Stella Jopling

Girl in Shades - Rosa Armstrong

Projectionist - Alex Saunders



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