Land Skeins

Four seasons. Four writers. Four immersive audio dramas.

Land Skeins showcases four magical realist stories, telling tales of encounters between humans and the natural world. Each is inspired by one of the four seasons, exploring the role of nature in shaping our families, friendships and romances.

These plays offer a new fully immersive listening experience for an audience of 15 years and up. They have been designed and recorded using ground-breaking binaural 3D sound technology, which, when listened to through headphones, will transport the listener right into the very centre of the story.

Bringing together four writers — Natasha Kaeda, Tife Kusoro, Eoin McAndrew and Sid Sagar — two directors — Tash Hyman and Fay Lomas — with cutting-edge sound design by Alice Boyd and Lex Kosanke, and created in partnership with National Youth Theatre Rep, each drama can be listened to alone, or as a full 70 minute cycle. The dramas will be released from the 25th January 2021.

Combining the creation of these audio dramas with a mentoring scheme, an industry panel event, workshops and showcasing the work of young artists, Land Skeins is a project which builds a bridge between theatre and audio drama, and supports the next generation of actors, writers, sound designers and directors.

We are very grateful to our mentors: Janina Matthewson and Avin Shah (writer mentors); Arthur Hughes and Danielle Vitalis (actor mentors); Emma Harding and Christopher Haydon (director mentors); and Catherine Robinson (mentor on binaural sound).

Funded by Arts Council England.



by Natasha Kaeda. Directed by Fay Lomas, with sound design and composition by Alice Boyd

performed by Jilly Bond and Julia Kass

Once upon a time, mushrooms ruled the earth...

But now, Jenny's mother is missing. Commuting is hell. And Big Business is squeezing all it can from the soil beneath our feet.

Then one day, a chance discovery starts to bring together the missing connections in Jenny's life...

(Age recommendation: 15+ : contains strong language)



by Sid Sagar. Directed by Tash Hyman, with sound design and composition by Alice Boyd

performed by Tiwa Lade and Sonny Poon Tip

In a cold and concrete warehouse just off the North Circular, Lily and Noah are in the middle of their shift, picking groceries and packing vans. But something feels different today. And what's with the massive turkey that keeps falling off the shelf?

When Lily and Noah find themselves whisked away in the back of the van, they soon discover they're miles from the warehouse, and the city, and home; but closer, perhaps, to understanding what's really important.

(Age recommendation: 15+ : contains strong language)



by Tife Kusoro. Directed by Tash Hyman, with sound design and composition by Lex Kosanke

performed by Jadie Rose Hobson and Alice Vilanculo

It’s the night of the Spring Equinox and it’s Celeste 18th birthday. It’s also her grandad’s birthday, but he’s gone missing in Epping Forest. Trying to track him down, Celeste discovers that March, a childhood friend also born on the same day, might be the only person who can help.

Celeste and March don’t see eye to eye anymore, but right now they can agree on one thing – this isn’t a normal forest on a normal night.

(Age recommendation: 15+ : contains strong language)



by Eoin McAndrew. Directed by Fay Lomas, with sound design and composition by Lex Kosanke

performed by Jamie Foulkes and Tiwa Lade

It's been raining. For months. And it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon.

Yasmin and Aidan are stuck working in a café that hasn't had any customers in weeks – and their boss is too busy worrying about his flooded basement of electric guitars to bother to tell them what to do.

Yasmin loves sci-fi, reading and keeping the cafe shipshape; Aidan loves the sound of his own voice and not cleaning the coffee machine.

Oh, and Yasmin is secretly recording everything either of them says.

A story of giraffes, Star Trek – and a friendship growing while the world changes.

(Age recommendation: 15+ : contains strong language)


Creating 3D worlds: sound design, storytelling and new audio technology

Thursday 21st January 2021, 6pm, on Zoom.

Panel event with sound designers Gareth Fry, Axel Kacoutié, Ben and Max Ringham and Ella Wahlström

Hosted by Alice Boyd and Lex Kosanke

At a time where we’re re-imagining the relationship between audience and art, we ask five leading sound designers, working across theatre and audio, what they are thinking and dreaming we might be able to achieve with sound in the next five years. We will discuss cutting-edge technologies and how they intersect with narrative, from binaural theatre shows, to immersive audio dramas, to location-specific sound art. The intimacy of sound as a medium and the diverse ways it can help us forge connections with audiences will be at the heart of this conversation.

The event will be hosted on Zoom by sound designers Alice Boyd and Lex Kosanke, with a chance for questions from the audience at the end.

Event duration: 60 minutes

£4 tickets, free for students

Book tickets here.

A Zoom link will be sent out to attendees prior to the event.

This event is part of Land Skeins, a series of four original binaural audio dramas and an artist development scheme. This is supported by Arts Council England and produced by no more superheroes. and Jump Spark.


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